How do I sign up?
You can do so right here! If you’d like, feel free to request a one-on-one call with our founder. We love building relationships with our members, and on-board new members on a rolling basis to ensure we can continue to maintain an intimate level of customer service.

How am I billed?
Our subscription requires a month-long commitment but is billed week-to-week, the prior Thursday.


Who prepares my food?
Unless otherwise noted, all of our prepared foods are lovingly made by our in-house team at our DoA-inspected Brooklyn commercial kitchen.

What day am I billed & when do you deliver?
Orders are billed every Thursday and our couriers deliver orders the following Tuesday afternoon-evening; members will receive a 2-hour window based on their exact delivery location.

What if I see something on the menu that I don’t like/am allergic to?
We take detailed notes of our members’ food preferences and dietary restrictions during our onboarding call. While we can’t cater to every food preference, please reach out to us and we’ll do our best to accommodate!

Why can’t I know the menu far in advance?
Our menus are planned week-to-week based on what’s in season and while we share with our members a tentative menu a week beforehand, the menu isn’t finalized until the day before delivery, allowing for us to make sure that the produce that comes in from the farm that morning is at peak freshness.

What if I’m away one week?
Let us know by Wednesday of the week before and we’ll arrange for you to “skip” the following week’s delivery and make it up at a later date. If you miss the cutoff you also have the option to 'forward' that week's delivery to a friend in the city on limited notice.

Is all your food organic?
We want you to feel good knowing you’re supporting the best organic, biodynamic, and regenerative growing practices, and vet the nuances of each of our producer’s farming practices to ensure they meet these standards. This approach also allows us to buy from smaller growers that farm in accordance with these highest quality practices, but for whatever reason (the significant upfront filing expense, the time commitment) may not have yet achieved an organic certification.

Is your packaging recyclable?
While we’re spare and thoughtful in our use of plastic, omitting it wherever possible, we’re mindful of using plastic that is both recycled and has a high chance of successfully being accepted for recycling by NYC’s facilities. Our freezer packs are drain-disposal safe, our bags are reusable, and all other materials that we use are compostable. 

How do I cancel?
Because so much of our food buying is planned in advance, we require 2 weeks’ notice from delivery date for cancellations (simply shoot us an email to let us know.)